Individuals increasingly get fed up with doing the same programs, meeting the same people, being in the same place at all times. Admittedly, everyone needs to unwind plus they occasionally have to get from their safe place to do that – do other things, familiarize with new people, and get to another place. Irrespective of how wonderful ISRAEL is, there is nevertheless one point on their lives when they might like to leave the country and explore what's outside it. Most often, they're going to the Usa to experience the Western life, and it'd be produced possible with a US Tourist Visa.

For ISRAEL nationals to tour the United States, they've to have a Non Immigrant B2 Visa. This single entry visa allows its holders to enter the western nation for enjoyment and diversion, and remain there for a specific amount of time – as determined by the immigration officer. It starts with the submission of the visa application in the US Embassy in TEL AVIV or in the United States Consulate General in jerusalem. All aforementioned conditions should be submitted for processing. The Thai national should schedule himself/herself for an interview with the immigration officer. In case the applicant is 13 yrs old and above or below 80 years old, such condition would not be required unless requested from the embassy or consulate.

It's done in English and this could be the basis whether the tourist visa would be granted. It's advisable for the Thai nationwide to come to the interview organized. In case the candidate provided adequate documents and the process went on easily, the waiting time will be short. It's significant to apply to get a US tourist visa early. After the visa is issued, the Thai nationwide might now fly to US. But one should realize that a visa isn't a guarantee of entry to the nation. The immigration officer in the United States Port of Entry has the authority to refuse entry of a United States tourist visa holder if deemed necessary.

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